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Manual for Teachers: What is Justice, Peace and Healing? Our Tuesday Night ACIM Group

how can you who are so holy suffer

“What is Justice?” That is where we began in our weekly trek through the Manual for Teachers, our current study material in our Course in Miracles group. “Justice is the divine correction for injustice,” it began.  “Injustice is the basis for all judgments of the world.”  It was telling us what we all instinctually knew, […]

Tuesday Night ACIM Group: Do You Believe in Magic?

A Course in Miracles

“If we really were to disregard the past and only live in the present moment, forgetting about the consequences that the past created, doesn’t that sort of give me cart blanche to do whatever the hell I want?” came the question during last night’s class.  “What is you were responsible for me losing my leg?  […]

Start Before You’re Ready

Start Before You're Ready

“Start before you’re ready.” It was the directive from the first chapter of my latest reading project (Do the Work, by Steven Pressfield, author of the brilliant, The War of Art).  It was a directive that I could understand.  Better than that, it was probably the only way I ever got anything accomplished.  It was […]

Elephant Bites & the Three Things I Know that My Thirteen Year-Old Self Didn’t

Elephant Bites

“How do you eat an elephant?” the old business adage goes.  “One bite at a time.  One bite at  time.” Not that we are literally interesting in chowing down on the huge, beautiful animal, but the point is simple: anything that ginormous will seem overwhelming taken all at once.  You have to break it down […]

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