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What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?

After the Workshop: The Invitation

The Grace to Begin

The infusion of energy from this weekend is still pumping through my veins.  I have readopted my “Morning Pages” practice whereby I arise to put pen to paper, and then brain dump onto the written page: three pages of next thoughts.  Junk.  An invitation to purge.  I used to do them.  I’ve done them off […]

The Artist’s Way and Walking the Neighborhood

The artist's way Julia Cameron

I’m taking a workshop this weekend: a creativity workshop with a longtime idol of mine, Julia Cameron, who is probably best known for her inspirational book The Artist’s Way.  I’ve read other books of hers at well.  When I heard she was teaching a workshop, I was all over it. She gave us homework. I […]

Let’s Show God a Good Time: Our Tuesday Night ACIM Group

I Invented the World I See

Rev. Patrick always used to say, “I’m here to show God a good time.”  That, according to him, was our life’s purpose.  Because if each of us is the Divine Expressing, and the idea is that Source Energy experiences through each of us, then our jobs are to be good hosts/hostesses.  Live it up!  Make […]

How to How to Save a Life: Some Musings on Procrastination and Other Life-Sucking Bad Habits

Wait and See

“How to Save a Life,” was the tune du jour dancing through my head when I awoke this morning.  A dead giveaway (why are giveaways dead anyhow?) that I felt like crap, ensconced in a heavy dose of guilt and shame.  When will I ever learn to give up procrastination and just do what I […]

Taking a Break from My Future Self: The Bullying Ends Today

taking a break from my future self

I am taking a break from my future self.  After all, she is a fictional character – a fantasy I created to help pull me towards who I want to be. And there is nothing wrong with that, with wanting to be better, thinner, more in shape (Ms. Buff), richer, a better housekeeper, etc. etc.  […]

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